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Chocolate Fountain Hire for Weddings, Exhibitions, Conferences, Proms, Christmas Parties, Product Launches and More.

Strawberry Chocolate Fountain Fondue Hire
We cover the following areas; Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire,
Middlesex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire & Suffolk. These are our main areas but other locations are considered

Chocolate Fountain PhotoChocolate Fountain Hire is the latest ‘must have’ for your wedding, party or special event. Shut your eyes and imagine standing in front of a chocolate fountain, with warm sumptuous chocolate flowing down. The smell is enough to drive your senses wild, but when you dip that fresh juicy strawberry, cherry, peach, grape, profiterole, marshmallow or just about anything you fancy in to the delicious chocolate, your taste buds will think they are in heaven.


Hiring a chocolate fountain can be a very smart move for anyone organising an event.

  • It’s almost a form of entertainment in its own right. As guests gather round a heavenly chocolate fountain, you always see them smiling and laughing, but the look on their face when they put their favourite dip, covered in chocolate in their mouth, has to be seen to be believed. As the warm chocolate hits their tongue, you see their eyes close, as they savour every second. This is then followed by a pleasurable groan of  mmmmm...!

  • It’s a great ‘ice breaker’ as it stimulates conversation almost immediately.

  • A chocolate fountain also solves your dessert problems. No need to provide expensive gateaux and other dishes. You will have a large selection of tasty fresh fruit and other dips such as mini doughnuts, fudge & marshmallows supplied with your chocolate fountain, to replace the need for the dessert. Even if the odd guest does not like chocolate they can always help themselves to the fruit and other dips.

  • If your event is a wedding and you’d rather not go to the expense of having a wedding cake, the fountain makes a great centre piece. Rather than having your photo taken cutting the cake, have your photo taken holding hands and dipping a nice, ripe, juicy strawberry into the chocolate fondue.

Our Chocolate Fountains are arguably the best make on the market. They stand 44 inches high and are made from high quality food grade stainless steel. We only use high quality Dark, Milk or White Belgian chocolate.


So now all you need to do, is complete our chocolate fountain enquiry form and we will email you a written quote for the different hire options available.

Displays can be themed to your event, so speak to us and we will see what can do.


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Chocolate Fountain Hire For Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events. Available in the London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Devon, Somerset, Suffolk and Norfolk  Areas


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Chocolate Fountain Hire
We have been providing chocolate fountain hire for over 5 years and have worked at literally hundreds of events. In our time in the chocolate fountain industry we have built a very good reputation, while watching less professional companies fold and go bust or just simply give up. Chocolate fountain hire may seem simple when you are outside looking in, but like most trades there is an art to doing it correctly. We take great pride in what we do, and this is rewarded by the numerous comments we get from people using our chocolate fountains. They often say that our chocolate tastes better than other fountains they have tried and that they have never seen a chocolate fountain hire company provide such a wide range of fantastic foods to dip. The vast majority of chocolate fountain companies are quite lazy and will only give you a small selection of dips on the day. We believe in making the chocolate fountain experience for you and your guests the best it can possibly be. We normally supply 25 to 27 different types foods for your guests to dip, and we do this as standard, without any addition to the cost.
Another plus point for booking Chocolate Heaven to provide your chocolate fountain, is that we only use the best Belgian Chocolate. The cost of chocolate has increased quite dramatically over the past year which has led to many chocolate fountain hire companies cutting costs by buying cheaper lower quality chocolate. This is something we refuse to do as our reputation has been built around providing high quality and a very competitive price. Ironically, the companies who have cut their costs by using lower quality products are often those they go out of business. There is a lesson to be learned by all concerned whether you are supplying a chocolate fountain or hiring a chocolate fountain and that is just because something is cheaper it does not mean your are getting a good deal. Cheap is normally cheap for a good reason.