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OK, so you are thinking about a chocolate fountain for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, prom, anniversary, product launch, award ceremony or funeral ( yes, believe it or not, we have provided chocolate fountains at funerals). It seems that people love chocolate that much, that any gathering is a good enough reason.

On this page we will let you know in detail, what we at Chocolate Heaven will provide for your event if you hire us and also, advise you where we can, on things to look out for and consider when you are choosing your chocolate fountain supplier.
In general, most people don't know much about chocolate fountains and often what they think they know is often wrong or inaccurate. So hopefully you will find this useful.
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This means that you and your guests  won't use the fountain as much and you don't get value for money. Other companies won't tell you this, as it means they use less chocolate and less food, which means they make more money.
With our solution you get the best possible value for money as well as the best chocolate fountain experience.

Time and time again, we hear the same comments from people using the fountain. One is "this chocolate tastes much better than other chocolate fountains I have tried". This lets us know, we have got it right!

Another comment we often hear is "I won't eat that chocolate it has too much oil in it". That brings us on to another very important point.
The Chocolate Is There Oil Added To The Chocolate?
There are half dozen brands of chocolate commercially available for fountains, which differ substantially in price, taste and what is actually in the chocolate. In the early days of chocolate fountains, there was only one major supplier of chocolate which was very good quality. As the demand grew, other brands began to pop up, under cutting the original supplier. In more recent times, the cost of raw cocoa from which chocolate is made has rocketed in price. Many fountain companies that used the high quality brand, swapped to the cheaper brands of chocolate in an effort to avoid paying such high prices.

Obviously, as a business we tried the cheaper brands ourselves, to see how they matched up to the brand we were using. We found one which was kind of OK, but fell just a little short of the mark. The others fell well short and we could not even consider those, even though they were almost half the price.
Our policy is, if we would not eat and enjoy it ourselves, then it's not good enough for our customers.
With Us, Most Definitely Not, And Proud Of It!
When we first looked into starting a Chocolate Fountain company many years ago, we travelled around looking at different fountains at different suppliers.
With the cheaper brands, of fountain the build quality was not very good, you had to add vegetable oil to the chocolate to make it flow properly and you had to melt the chocolate in a microwave before putting it in the fountain.
The thought of adding oil to the chocolate was enough to turn us off going down that route. We made the choice of the more expensive brand of fountain, where no oil is required and the fountain can melt the chocolate on it's own. This means that you don't have someone trying to melt 10kgs of chocolate in a microwave during your event.

As time has moved on, some chocolate manufacturers have got around the oil issue, by adding extra cocoa butter to the chocolate.
Cocoa butter actually comes from the cocoa bean and is already an ingredient of chocolate. Increasing the levels of this, makes the chocolate flow more smoothly in the cheaper brands of fountain.
Though this is better than oil, it is better to use high quality chocolate to avoid having to do this, as the flavour of the chocolate is better.

We do not need to add anything to our chocolate to make it flow better in our large fountains. However, in the small mini fountains, which is supplied as part of our special offer with white chocolate, we do have to add a small amount of cocoa butter, as the small machines have to have this to work properly.

Remember, some may tell you that they don't add anything to their chocolate, which may well be true. They just buy the chocolate with it already added. This is not as good as the high quality chocolate (without extra cocoa butter) which we use.

Being a source of food, hygiene is obviously very important.
There two horror stories in particular that we have heard on several occasions when working at venues. One is where chocolate fountain companies (I use the term loosely) turn up at events with chocolate still on the fountain from a previous function they have been at. There is no excuse for this other than being unprofessional.
The other, is where they re-use the chocolate left in the fountain from a previous customer. This is just another way of cutting corners and very unprofessional.

As standard, we leave the left over chocolate in Tupperware tubs (supplied by us). This has two benefits. Firstly, everyone can see that we do not reuse the chocolate because we have left it behind and it also means your guests can carry on eating the chocolate after we have gone. We will leave any leftover food, serviettes and skewers for you as well.

This is subject to approval by your venue and a suitable place to put it, being available.

With Chocolate Heaven You Get

1) Our Blend Of Top Quality Belgian Chocolate!
2) Fresh Chocolate Every Time!
3) No Added Oil In Our Fountains, Ever!
4) A Clean Fountain Every Time!
5) Left Over Chocolate & Food Left Behind When We Finish! 


The Chocolate We Provide Our Clients
We use the more expensive, high quality chocolate and so do some other companies. What makes our chocolate work better at events such as yours, is that we have applied our experience and now how, to improve the chocolate so that more of your guests use and enjoy the fountain.
If you think about it, on average you will find that half your guests like milk chocolate and the other half like dark chocolate.
If you have dark, what this would normally mean is that the dark chocolate is too bitter for the milk chocolate lovers, so they won't eat it. If you had milk chocolate, the dark chocolate lovers would find it too sweet, so they would not use the fountain. Either way, you automatically stop half the guests from using the fountain because it's not the type of chocolate they like.
We spotted this very quickly after starting our company and came up with a solution which has served us and our clients very well to the present day. It's actually very simple and we can't believe that our competitors haven't worked it out. We have not advertised this until now, so the secret is obviously out of the bag! As we have plenty of regular customers now, we don't mind sharing the secret.
What we do as standard, is blend our high quality Belgian Milk and Dark Chocolate together, to get the best balance of flavour. We will keep the ratio of the mix a secret as we don't want to make it too easy for the competition.
We find that people that prefer dark or milk both like the chocolate. This means that lots more people will use the fountain, you get value for money and the fountain is much more successful.
If you read the comments from previous client on our references page, you can pretty much bet the positive comments about the chocolate all refer to this blend, as we use this at 99% of our events.

Some clients say to us "I like milk chocolate, so I want milk chocolate". Other companies would just say "OK! That's fine". We however, have the success of your event as our number 1 priority. We have also put much more thought in to our chocolate and the service we provide. If you ask us for milk chocolate, we would say " Yes that's perfectly fine, but we would advise against it." Firstly, because of the reason we mentioned above, but also, if you think about the foods you are dipping in, the fruit is full of natural sugars and the other items, processed sugars. So if you dip the sweet food into sweet milk chocolate, it's going to be too sweet. You might like the first one or two items, but there will come a point where you have made yourself feel sick because it is too sweet.                                                       ........ continued
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